A commitment to long-term listening and authentic relationships

With nearly a year of continuous public engagement, the Linden Community Plan was consistently shaped and informed by residents.


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Pop-up planning

Community workshops

Working groups

Advisory committee




submitted by attendees of workshops in March and April 2017

  • Lighting at vacant lots

  • Support neighborhood watch programs

  • Eliminate graffiti (hire local artist to cover w/murals)

  • Eliminate prostitution

  • More street lights

  • Build sidewalks where none exist

  • Improve communication between police and the community (police cannot just respond to threats)

  • Coordinate existing neighborhood educational / recreation centers to work with population in “transition” to improve recidivism rates

  • More crossing guards / marked crosswalks

  • Community-based safety initiatives

  • More bicycle police patrolling in community

  • Additional police substation on Cleveland Avenue

  • Increase home ownership rates (community pride will result in greater safety)

  • Safety call boxes



  • Improve quality / quantity of businesses within Linden’s commercial corridors (incentivize)

  • Increase diversity of businesses in Linden (grocery / community market, clothier, dining, health, footwear, thrift)

  • Address abandoned properties along Cleveland Avenue

  • Provide uniformity / improvement of corridor streets from I-71 into Linden (11th, 17th, Hudson and Weber)

  • Promote Linden businesses to a broader (city-wide) audience

  • Leverage NCR dollars to retain and attract businesses / update current NCR policies

  • Recruit destination driven businesses to locate within Linden

  • Closer monitoring of businesses bothersome operations (used car lots / tire sales / under-age alcohol and tobacco sales)

  • Encourage vibrant mix of uses (residential, retail, office, open space)

  • Encourage “human-scale” development and re-development

  • Broader financial service offerings (credit union)

  • Partner community gardening efforts with retail outlets / local restaurants (provide local jobs)

  • Creation of SID (special improvement district(s) within Linden

  • Improve code enforcement

  • Lack of parking along Cleveland Avenue

  • Need safe off-street parking for business along Cleveland Avenue

  • Focus on three primary redevelopment areas

  • Expand development at Cleveland Ave and 11th

  • Cleveland Ave between Briarwood and Weber

  • Cleveland and 25th


  • Increase number of community festivals

  • Better utilize community website (promote awareness / use of Celebrate Linden mobile app)

  • Explore “Linden Olympics” concept where residents from various blocks compete (engage schools within Linden to participate)

  • More family-oriented activities like movie and game nights

  • More opportunities for community to engage with each other

  • More neighborhood gathering spots

  • More culturally based community events for all ages that celebrate diversity

  • Expansion of public art within Linden

  • Expansion of community gardens within Linden

  • Commercial kitchen space for culinary entrepreneurs

  • Encourage more Linden business owners to promote / hose after hour events

  • Activities that attract senior citizens

  • Girl Scouts at one of the recreation centers


  • Use community health workers in Linden

  • Expand family planning / sex education classes (flexible hours of instruction)

  • Use electronic billboards to publicize existing available health and wellness programs and services (including increased publicity for Celebrate Linden mobile app)

  • Expanded Health Center / Clinics within Linden

  • Identify and encourage more mental health services

  • Community Hub for available services within Linden

  • More Food Pantries (need community outreach regarding facilities / what is available)

  • Increase child care options / hours of operation

  • Have social workers at Recreation Centers

  • Cooking classes at Recreation Centers for youth and adults

  • Neighborhood Grocery Store / affordable fresh produce

  • Trash pick-up schedules (not always weekly)

  • Encourage screenings / annual physical exams

Community Safety

Community Activities

Health & Wellness

Commercial Development

  • Increase awareness of existing resources

  • Internship programs linked to other community initiatives (SmartColumbus)

  • Child care worker certification

  • Career Development / college prep courses / interview skills / resume preparation (schools and at library)

  • Greater collaboration between schools and other service organizations

  • Improve communication channels between teachers and other community organizations

  • More early intervention programs for children at risk

  • Equipment / training for kids extra-cirricular activities (extend hours of operation)

  • Mentoring programs for youth

  • Tutoring for and with parents

  • Mentoring services for kids

  • Awareness classes for bullying, social media, sexual abuse, grief counseling

  • Agriculture education / experiences

  • Litter awareness

  • Increase educational opportunities in Green Technologies (jobs of tomorrow)

  • Increase fine arts / visual and performing arts classes

  • Expand vocational training

  • More after school programs for youth

  • After school / evening sex education seminars